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                              How do I request financial hardship and emergency assistance?
                              The Dean of Students office can provide assistance to students and families in the event of a documentable emergency circumstance that interferes with the student's class attendance.Visit the emergency assistance page of the Dean of Students office.

                              Are SGA Senate meetings canceled?
                              No. With a large number of students taking online classes, all SGA Senate meetings are moving to virtual formats wherever possible. Visit 3ehib1.wcbzw.com and pin.gsu.edu for the most up to date access to virtual SGA meetings.

                              If all my classes are online, what can I do to stay involved on campus?
                              SGA is providing online opportunities for students to continue their participation or to get involved. Georgia State University provides many online tools to students, faculty, and staff, which can be found online at technology.gsu.edu. You can also use the Panther Involvement Network (PIN) to connect with upcoming virtual events. Visit pin.gsu.edu to explore options for student organizations and activities that are moving to the virtual world.

                              Can I still come to campus to use SGA resources for students?
                              Student Center West will reopen on Monday, August 10 and Student Center East will reopen on Monday, August 17. Please review the guidelines available at ahead.gsu.edu so you can help us keep you and the Georgia State community safe.

                              Can I still apply to join SGA for a stipended position?
                              Yes, students can apply to vacancies in SGA for the upcoming 2024-2021 year in the Panther Involvement Network.

                              Opportunities to Get Involved and Make a Difference

                              Are you a student looking to make a difference at your University?  Build valuable career and leadership skills the STATE WAY® with the Student Government Association (SGA). SGA has the following opportunities:

                              1. Apply to serve as a Freshman, Transition or Transfer Liaison,
                              2. Apply to serve as a 官方客户端下载 - fjtv.net:2021-6-8 · Dashboard
                              3. Apply to fill one of the open positions listed on the Lantern吧 for the 2024-2021 academic school year using the Panther Involvement Network today!

                              You can also attend a campus or university-wide Senate meeting (see the calendar listings above or in PIN) for dates, times and meeting location or link.


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